The Exclusive Boxing Club of New Orleans

From Conti and N. Dupre with Love

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Established in 2015 with the goal of housing New Orleans’ top professional boxers, New Orleans Boxing Club has cultivated a diverse clientele and culture. Although our house is built on a foundation of the “Sweet Science”, we are more than just a boxing gym.

2836 Conti St,
New Orleans, LA 70119


"Amazing facilities, great staff, safety measures in full effect."

Patrick Lee

"Great equipment and atmosphere."

Brandon Venegas

"Great place to work out."

David Lee

"This place is a GEM ! Gritty and has ton of character due to the members. There isn't any place like this idk how to describe it. I joined NOBC back in 2017 and it changed my perspective on life. This place got me through some tough times. It'll always have a special place in my heart. Learned a lot about the sport of boxing just being around all the pros and the classes were always engaging ! Members were all friendly and the trainers are super helpful."

Chris Ng

"The vibe and community of this gym is captivating. An excellent way to stay in shape, meet new people and budget friendly. Highly recommended!"

Christina Larson

"Had a great first experience with just Boxing 101. Definitely intrigued me to keep going and pushing. Glad I found somewhere cool to train and try to get back into shape."

Adrian Soulas